About us

The school date back to November 30th 1999 as a school for Crèche and Toddlers. It was first called Diamond private school. The school was born out of the vision to impact knowledge and take the pupils and community from obscurity to excellence by grooming the child to effect positive change academically and morally.The school has gone through various developmental stages, this is because of the school’s drive for excellence and the vision is to raise children who can confidently represent themselves and the community.

In August 2008, the school was Approved by the Lagos State Government . We have since then recorded outstanding performance of children in both State and Federal Entrance Examination; it is a noble call to groom the future generations.We look at our history with pride and affection but we also look forward with eager anticipation to the challenge of meeting the educational needs of children growing up in the global village of the 21st century.


-Child Focus
-Whole-Child Development


To inspire curiosity, Independency and a life-long love learning to help our children become Contributing members of our community and the world.


In a nurturing and play-based environment, our curriculum build’s childrens’ self esteem and Program solving skilll, while fostering respect. For themselves and others.


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Detailed Curriculum


  • Number Work.
  • Sounds (Phonics)
  • Moral Instruction
  • Social Studies.
  • Practical Life/Sensorial.
  • Physical Education.
  • Nursery Rhymes.
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Hand Writing
  • Christian Religious Knowledge.
  • Art & Craft.
  • Physical/Health Education.
  • Subjects

    • Mathematics
    • Quantitative Aptitude.
    • English Language.
    • Verbal Aptitude.
    • Christian Religious Knowledge.
    • Social Studies.
    • Art & Craft. Hand Writing.
  • French Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Vocational Aptitude.
  • Physical/Health Education.
  • Science Literature
  • Music Moral Instruction
  • Subject

    • Mathematics
    • English Language
    • Basic Science
    • Social Studies
    • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
    • Basic Technology
    • French language
    • Agricultural Science
  • Physical & Health
  • Education Business
  • Studies Christian
  • Religious Studies
  • Igbo Language
  • Subject

    • Mathematics
    • English Language
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Literature in English
    • Agricultural Science
    • Further Maths
    • Accounts
    • Commerce
    • Economics
    • ICT Foods & Nutrition
  • French
  • Geography
  • Government
  • History
  • Christian
  • Religious Studies
  • Igbo Language